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Om-Shanti: Studie en Academie Materiaal


Om-Shanti: - Studie en Academie Materiaal


Matter, Mind and Consciousness
Recent trends in science and philosophy
by Rajeshwar Mukhopadhyaya

In the recent times there has been a radical change in the approach of science. Developments in relativity, quantum physics and neuro-science have changed the way people looked at the universe. The mechanistic model of mind-matter dualism of Descartes and the realism of classical physics have been put to quetion at the wake of relativity and quantum mechanics. The theory of relativity completely discarded the absolute description of any event of the physical universe by the methods physical sciences. The absolute describtion of reality started eluding the scientists who had to be contented withe the relative knowledge of reality. On the other hand, the birth of quantum mechanics ushered in the concept of indeterminacy in science.
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 Om-Shanti: - Studie en Academie Materiaal

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Artikel 1.
Can Yoga Really Transform Consciousness?

Many people think that by walking the spiritual path, our consciousness evolves. But in yoga, changes occur in brain biology, not in consciousness. Spiritual progress through yoga is the result of changes in the biology of the brain and nervous system. The state of the brain and body will determine if any living organism will be able to tune into different dimensions of consciousness or not.
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